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  Membership in the San Diego Badminton Club allows you the privilege of playing on the five club courts during club hours.  ALL MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE RULES AND ABIDING BY THEM.  ADDITIONALLY, ALL MEMBERS ARE EMPOWERED AND ENCOURAGED TO ENFORCE THE RULES IN A POLITE MANNER.  This means that if there is a question of court use (e.g. court time, membership status, etc.), you should speak directly with the involved party for verification..

  1. In order to use a club court, you must place your membership card on the reservation board.  If your card has been lost, then the only other acceptable method is to show a photo ID, as long as your name is listed on the most current membership roster posted in the glass case.  If there is a problem in enforcing the policy, please find a Board Member for help.  If no Board Member is present, you may ask the Activity Center staff for assistance.

  2. Upon entering a court, you must immediately write the current time on the reservation board, even when other courts are empty.  You may not immediately reserve another court after playing, unless no other players are waiting.  Furthermore, you may not move your card to a new reservation until your current reservation period ends.

  3. If visitors to the club wish to play on club courts, they may use the courts by paying a $5.00 daily fee to any board member.

  4. Courts may be reserved for 30 minute periods during designated club hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and for 40 minute periods at other times.  This applies to either singles or doubles play.  However, singles games on Tuesdays and Thursdays are limited to playing only on court #5 when there are players waiting for a court.  During other club hours, any court may be used for singles games, but only one court at a time may be used for singles when all courts are full and members are waiting.  Multiple singles courts are allowed only when no members are waiting.
  5. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, court #2 is a challenge court for doubles games only.  The winner may stay for up to three (3) games, and then the court must be relinquished to a new group of competitors.  A minimum of five teams is required to initiate the challenge court.

  6. Courts in use by fewer than four people are considered to be a singles court, and are subject to the rules regarding singles courts..
  7. Members who are playing on a non-member court shall not reserve a members-only court at the same time.  Members must wait until they have finished playing on the non-member court before reserving a members-only court.
  8. Please discard used birds when finished on your court.
  9.  Abide by the rules of the Badminton World Federation and the Balboa Park Activity Center and be respectful of the employees so that we may continue to enjoy the privilege of using the gym. Failure to regard any of these rules and/or general misconduct may result in suspension or revocation of your court privileges.


* Update approved October 20, 2012

 SDBC Board of Directors.


On Court

1. Loud, abusive or profane language, racquet throwing or hitting the shuttle indiscriminately is strictly prohibited.

2. Be courteous to other players at all times.

3. Retrieve the shuttle at the end of a rally when it has fallen on your side of the net and return it promptly to your opponent.

4. When there is no umpire, announce the score before each service.

5. When there are no line judges, always make fair, quick and accurate line calls. If in doubt, give your opponent the benefit.

6. After losing, acknowledge your opponents strength.

7. Do not walk behind or beside a court when the shuttle is in play.

In Tournament

1. Send all entries in well before the deadline.

2. Do not withdraw from a tournament after the draw has been made except for illness, injury, or personal emergency.

3. Be on court promptly when matches are called.

4. Restrict on-court warm-ups to the permitted time.

5. Accept the decisions of opponents and officials.

Thank the umpire and service judge after all matches and thank the organizers before leaving.